The UK - an overview



Questions about Britain (příklady maturitních otázek)

Questions about England (příklady maturitních otázek)

Questions about Scotland (příklady maturitních otázek)

England (British Council, pdf)

Scotland (British Council, pdf)

Wales (British Council, pdf)

Great Britain - stručný přehled


Tipy na přípravu:

What parts does the UK consist of? Name them and their capital cities.

Talk about the United Kingdom. Describe the following things:

- geography

- history

- economy

- symbols

- political institutions

- famous places

- famous people

- other things.


Things to talk about

1) Buckingham Palace 2) St Paul's Cathedral 3) Downing Street 10 4) Ben Nevis 5) Lake District 6) Oxford and Cambridge 7) the Queen 8) Guy Fawkes Night 9) Union Jack 10) Stonehenge 11) Canterbury 12) the Highlands 13) constitutional monarchy 14) House of Commons, House of Lords 15) Stratford-upon-Avon


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