The USA - an overview



The USA - přehled na jiných stránkách


Tipy na přípravu:

Talk about the USA. Describe the following things:

- geography

- history

- economy

- symbols

- political institutions

- famous places

- famous people

- other things.



1) Where did the first Americans come from?

2) Who were the first Europeans who came to America?

3) When did Christopher Columbus reach America?

4) What was Christopher Columbus trying to do when he discovered America?

5) Who were the Pilgrim Fathers? Why did they leave England?

6) When do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day? How do they celebrate it? What do they eat?

7) How many British colonies were there when the War of Independence started?

8) What was the Boston Tea Party?

9) When did the United States become an independent country?

10) When do Americans celebrate Independence Day?

11) What is the name of the American flag?

12) What was the difference between the South and the North of the USA?

13) Why and when did the American Civil War start?

14) Who was the president of the USA at the time when the Civil War started?

15) What happened to Native Americans after the end of the Indian wars?

16) Where do most of today’s immigrants to the USA come from?

17) What kind of work did the slaves in the South usually do?

18) Who were Frederick Douglas and Harriet Tubman?

19) What is the Ku Klux Klan?

20) When did black people get equal rights?

21) What are the three separate but equal parts of the government of the USA?

22) What does the Congress do? What does the President do? What does the Supreme Court do?

23) What are the two main political parties in the USA?

24) Who are the Mormons? In which state do most of them live?

25) Name at least two famous American universities.

26) What was the Prohibition?

27) What happened on September 11, 2001?

28) Name at least one famous New York Skyscraper.

29) Who gave the Statue of liberty to the United States?

30) What are Broadway and Greenwich Village famous for?

31) What do the letters "DC" in "Washington DC" mean?

32) What is the most populous state of the USA?

33) What is the lowest place in the USA?

34) Who were the beatniks and the hippies?

35) What is the name of the most famous bridge in San Francisco?

36) What is Alcatraz?

37) Name at least two national parks in the USA.

38) Name at least three of the five Great Lakes.

39) Who was Mark Twain? Name at least two books that he wrote.

40) What is the Everglades?


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